Scale and Placement


When it comes to staging, furniture scale and placement is everything.  

In a world of oversized, mega couches, it is often that I come across a home with furniture that is too large or plentiful.  I can empathize with the homeowner, recognizing their concern that every person, at the party they may throw once a year, have spacious and comfortable seating; however, the reality of life is that parties are infrequent and when there is one, most people stand (unless it is a mom's bookclub, and since there is wine involved, we - ah, ahem, they - are just happy to be kidless, with other adults, and are thrilled to sit on ANYTHING).  

Selecting the right size and quantity is even more important when staging.  If the furniture is too big and crowded, the space screams, "There is not enough room in here!" This is the last thing you want a potential buyer to think.  Unless you are selling a tiny home, homes today are plenty roomy.  Usually, the problem lies with too much stuff, or too many purposes trying to be accomplished in one or two rooms.  Once the purpose is narrowed down (in this case eating, lounging, and visiting), and clutter removed, the room can be styled comfortably and beautifully to fit those needs, and will show wonderfully to your potential buyers.  

Proper placement and size is also crucial in demonstrating the function of the room.  When staging the room above, I briefly considered not using the dining set, and creating a large spacious living room.  I quickly discarded that idea BECAUSE PEOPLE NEED A PLACE TO EAT.  Was it easier to ignore this need? Absolutely, but buyers need to know that a very basic home requirement, a table and chairs, fits in the space.  By choosing the right sized furniture, the room is as functional as it is appealing.  

When it comes to staging, furniture scale and placement are everything.  It is critical to create a space that potential buyers can visualize living in.  By selecting the right sized pieces and pieces that fit the purpose of the space, your home will appeal to more buyers, and will result in a quicker and more successful sale.  

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