Modern Interior Staging Company exists to make the jobs of realtors and home sellers simpler and more successful (and I’d like to think more fun!). We accomplish this by partnering with you to prepare your home for market through a strategic staging plan that will relieve the burden of “one more thing to do,” and ensure you feel confident that your home or listing looks its best for the highest offers and fastest sale.

When selling a home, there is a lot of work and a lot of stress. Let us make it simpler. For strategic staging and successful selling, click below.



The Action Report


The realtor's and home seller's best friend. 1 hour spent with you in your home followed by a detailed, personalized action plan for preparing your home for market. This report is no joke! It takes an additional hour to complete. Report includes paint color recommendations, furniture and decor placement, and packing recommendations, completely customized for your home.  You have enough stress, let me think for you. $200.

The Home Enhancer/ Occupied Staging


You want your home to stand above the competition, but want someone else to make it happen.  Through a package that works within your goals and budget, we will refresh the look of your home by arranging current decor, providing purchase recommendations, offer rental decor when needed, and make your home pop in the marketplace.  Wow those buyers so they give you the best offer!  This service is priced hourly ($100/hour), with a $200/2 hour minimum. When you go to schedule, you are purchasing the 1 hour initial consult/strategy session, and 1 hour of staging in a follow-up visit. Sometimes, this is all you need!

The Vacant Stage 


The home you are selling is empty, and you need the works.  Why?  Most buyers can't visualize a home's potential.  Let us create a home buyers can't wait to live in, so you sell faster and for more money.  We bring it all! Furniture, decor, and everything to make your house feel home. To start, schedule a Vacant Stage Estimate ($100), which will be applied to your project.  Packages start at $2000.



The next day I received an email from Elisha saying everything went well and she was done. And the following day I went to the house to take a look. I nervously opened the front door and peeked inside. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. Elisha transformed my vacant shell of a house into a warm, beautiful home.”