Going Cozy for Consultation Demos

This week I purchased new pillows for my Fall and Winter Consultation Demo’s. What is a consultation demo? When I do a consultation, my initial goal is to bring the seller on board to the process. Moving and selling a home can be emotionally stressful, and I want the seller to completely understand how staging can benefit them.

When I first arrive for the Action Report Consultation, I take the client’s temperature to see where they are in the process. Do they already know the value of staging, or are they afraid that my purpose is to scrutinize their beloved home? The most important thing they need to know is that I am on their team, and will gently work with them to achieve the best result for their home sale.

After we discuss what staging is and how they will benefit from great marketing photos, appealing to potential buyers, out-doing their competition, and getting higher offers, I DEMONSTRATE HOW STAGING CREATES A ROOM BUYERS DESIRE TO LIVE IN. Once they see their couch revived with fresh pillows, their coffee table pizzazzed with a touch of decor, and the room arranged in an inviting layout, they get it! Woohoo! It is then that we can get to work to have that home READY TO LIST.

When I pulled together my look for the consultation demo of a living room, I chose a neutral color scheme that would enhance a variety of couch colors. I also wanted a look that fit the season, and invited buyers to envision themselves relaxing with a book, cozying up for a movie, or chatting with a friend. Oversized fur pillows definitely achieve this vibe, while the white mongolian fur accent says, “I am cozy and approachable, and hip and cool too!” What do you think of the pillows I chose?