In order to get the most out of our consultation and time together, it is recommended that you follow this quick checklist to prepare your home to be transformed:

 þ  Disassociate yourself from your home– Staging success starts when you begin to view your beloved home as your number one commodity to sell!  It’s impossible for a homeowner to be “objective” with their belongings and home (that’s what I’m here for) but you can start by critically assessing each room and comparing them to the photos in my “Staging and Selling for Top Dollar Guide.”  It will also help to say to yourself, "This is not my home; it is a house -- a product to be sold much like a car or piece of furniture I put on Craigslist”.

 þ  Commit to the Process – In this more competitive marketplace, there's no room for half-heartedness!  You either commit to selling your home or hold it.  Disassociating from your home and making sure it’s the best-looking home on the market in its price range is a first step.  The Staging Process can be tough, but it gets results and allows you to sell your home faster and for more money if you follow through the entire staging process for optimum results.

þ  Have the home picked up (dishes done, beds are made, laundry put away, etc…) – Let’s make the most of our time together! As I walk through your home and take notes, I am able to do some of the work for you as I go. A few ways that I like to jumpstart your process is to arrange your towels and give you a bedding prep tutorial so you are one step closer to being ready for picture day!  Prior to your official picture day and open house, I recommend that you get your home professionally cleaned.  I will bring a cleaning pricelist for a cleaner I recommend when I come for the consultation.  

 þ  Clear your kitchen counters of excess and unused appliances, place your best cookbooks/kitchen décor items out..   If you have appliances that you use regularly keep them out but consider packing excess glasses/dishes, so that we can find a convenient home for those items that you still need on-hand.

 þ  Clear off bathroom counters of any personal products, place your best towels out.  Have extra bedding, throw blankets, and pillows accessible and ready to be used as needed.

 þ  Packing Starts Now – Use my 3-Steps to Packing Processin order to start packing away the items you know you won’t need in the next six months.  Carefully label the boxes and stack them in your locker or garage. **Remember, it’s much easier to simply get rid of unused items today, then to unpack it tomorrow!

 þ  It is never to early to start obvious repairs ! Replace light bulbs, touch up paint, and magic eraser marks on the walls, etc.